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Lab Electronics was established in 1985 and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with more than 10,000 Sq.Ft of floor area. We are one of the leading international manufacturers of Educational Electronics Training Equipments supplying to all leading technical institutions in India and Abroad. We have successfully completed various projects in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal ,Africa, middle east, Australia and the list keeps growing by the day. We always strive hard to develop state of the art, cost effective training systems that helps us remain at the cuttting edge of technology.

Our "Tech-Knowledge Training Systems" are designed to help the students gain hands-on practical training in the following fields:

  • Basic Electronics
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Communication Technology
  • Instrumentation / Process Control
  • Microcontroller based trainers
  • Test and Measuring Instruments
  • Mechatronics
  • Modular Product System
  • Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Computer Interface Trainers
  • Simulator Trainers

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Advantages of using our Tech-Knowledge Training Systems

  • Provides intensive and thorough practical training through a "hands –on" experience in a lab environment .
  • Verification of at least one important principle in each experiment (i.e.) "Relation between cause and effect" is established.
  • Our training systems are self-sufficient with all components required for each experiment and they require minimum of external components.
  • By the nature of experiment, if any value of component has to be varied, 2 or 3 alternative values are mounted on the board itself for selection.
  • Helps in conducting 2 to 3 experiments per session without wasting our effort and time in gathering equipment, components, wiring,dismantling and returning it to stores which accounts for 75% of lab time, without imparting electronics knowledge.
  • Each training system comes with a comprehensive text of self explanatory theory and instruction manual with step-by-step procedure, enabling the students to conduct the experiment themselves.
  • All trainers come with Multi coloured circuit diagram on the front panel, highlighting different sections of the circuits.
  • All experiments are conducted using patching wires only. Hence there is no need of soldering, de-soldering and re-soldering work. Thus there is no damage to the components by repeated heat or use.

Our R&D Facilities

All our products are conceived,designed and developed at our factory by qualified Engineers who have vast experience.Circuits are designed with the help of modern computer aided design tools.Our in-house facilities are well equipped with sophisticated test and measuring instruments required for production alongwith modern computer systems and office automation.

Diversification Activities of the Company

We have also diversified into the Industry,Defence,Aerospace sectors where we take up projects to offer customised solutions that meet end user requirements.We are engaged in the design, development and production of products such as Electro Optical Tracking Systems (EOTS), Pan & Tilt Pedestals, Micro/Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Antenna Positioners, Simulators, etc.Most of these products are custom-made to suit the requirements of our valuable customers.

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