Model: B3




The purpose of this experiment is

  • To investigate the characteristics of the series resonant circuit.
  • To verify that, at resonance, the current is maximum and is determined by the resistance in the circuit.
  • To demonstrate that the voltage across the LC combination is minimum.
  • To prove that the individual voltage across L or C can be higher than the applied voltage.
  • To investigate how changing the values of L,C and R affect the characteristics of the circuit.
  • To demonstrate that maximum voltage always occurs across L or C at resonance.
  • To demonstrate that when R is increased, the amplitude of voltage across the capacitor is decreased.
  • To demonstrate that the bandwidth increases by increasing resistance.
  • NO POWER SUPPLY IS REQUIRED since this trainer is constructed out of passive components.

Features of the Trainer

Housing      It is mounted in an elegant ABS Plastic cabinet for better viewing and portability
Dimension      29cm x 20cm x 11cm
Weight      1.5kgs

This trainer is a glass-epoxy printed circuit board and all the symbols screen-printed on the front panel so that it enables the student to conduct the experiments easily


  • 2mm multi coloured moulded patch cords with daisying facility.
  • Computer simulated outputs and Step-By-Step detailed instructions are provided with the instruction manual.

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