Model: B2


B2 editted


The purpose of this experiment is

  • To investigate the characteristics of a transformer
  • How a transformer is really not ideal, RS efficiency is low and AC resistance is high.
  • To show that AC resistance of the windings acts like series- dropping resistance.
  • The operation of a step-up and step-down transformer and relationship with turns-ratio, when the secondary is not loaded and when the secondary is loaded.
  • How using only one half of the tapped winding doubles turns-ratio.
  • To demonstrate how loading the secondary winding increases the current in the primary of the transformer.
  • To demonstrate the principles of an AUTO TRANSFORMER.

Features of the Trainer

Built in  Power supply (6-0-6)V AC
Power Supply

Voltage range : AC 100V - 230 V

Frequency Range : 50 - 60Hz

Housing It is mounted in an elegant ABS Plastic cabinet for better viewing and portability
Dimension 29cmX20cmX11cm.
Weight 1.5 Kg

This trainer is a glass-epoxy printed circuit board and all the symbols screen-printed on the front panel so that it enables the student to conduct the experiments easily


  • 2mm multi coloured moulded patch cords with daisying facility.
  • Computer simulated outputs and Step-By-Step detailed instructions are provided with the instruction manual.

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