Model: G9


G 9



To study the Mixer circuit output, that is the difference frequency F (X-Y) of an oscillator. In a communication system, when receiving carrier wave is necessary to mix the I.F. signal appearing at the demodulator with another oscillator to produce an A. F. beat note. To test the beat frequency oscillator FX & FY are the two different inputs. Keep FX as a fixed frequency and vary the frequency of FY. Different frequencies are obtained at the output of the mixer. The mixer output F (X-Y) is connected to the amplifier

Features of the Trainer

Built in regulated power supply DC +/-15V /300 mA
Power Supply

Voltage range : AC 100V - 230V.
Frequency Range : 50 - 60Hz.

Housing It is mounted in an elegant ABS Plastic cabinet for better viewing and portability.
Dimension 29cm x 20cm x 11cm
Weight 1.5kgs
This trainer is a glass-epoxy printed circuit board and all the symbols screen-printed on the front panel so that it enables the student to conduct the experiments easily


  • 2mm multi coloured moulded patch cords with daisying facility.
  • Computer simulated outputs and Step-By-Step detailed instructions are provided with the instruction manual.

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