Model: X-28


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To demonstrate basic operation of a FSK data modem (9600 Baud rate) with RS232 interface with two pc using LAB modem software


    • Pentium compatible processor
    • Operating system: Windows XP
    • Interface: RS232 connector.
    • CD-ROM drive.
    • COM port DB-9 pin .


    • Lab modem trainer is a very competent trainer. You can Send and receive data Using computer. Modems are not needed to connect two compat¬ible digital devices directly; the transmission never needs to cross analog lines, such as telephone lines, But you do need an inter¬face to handle the exchange (readiness establishment, data transfer, receipt, etc.), just as an EIA-232 DTE-DCE cable does. This circuit implements a simple FSK modem, consisting of both the frequency shift keying modulator a corresponding demodulator


This trainer can be able to study the investigation of all main aspects, which relate to Compact in nature, which has following features :

  • Test points
  • Microcontroller Based
  • Two Mode Operation ( microcontroller and pc mode operation)
  • RS 232 PORT option for two PC
  • 8 bit Data output
  • Power Requirement : 230V/ 50HZ
  • Each section is printed on the multi coloured front panel for the students to understand each section thoroughly 2mm multicolour terminals are provided for interconnections.
  • This trainer comes with multi-coloured front panel designed with the aid C.A.D.
  • Dimension : 29cm x 20cm x 11cm
  • Weight : 1.5Kgs (Approx.)


  • Serial cable connectors.
  • Lab Modem Software CD.
  • Instruction Manual: This trainer comes with experimental manual.

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