• The Industrial Trainer is a wonder instrument with which you can enter a world of Fiber Optics, the very new way of transmitting light and image.
  • Your imagination, coupled with this Fiber Optic Kit will give you an opportunity to experiment with light and have hours of intellectual fun.
  • Although many experiments are presented for your enjoyment, you are encouraged to give vent to your creative talent and develop your own experiments.
  • The following experiments can be conducted using the Industrial Fiber Optic Trainer. 2Rigid Fiber Optics - "Image Guides"
  • Top Image
  • Inverted Image
  • Bending Image
  • Rotated Image
  • Contour Surface Image
  • Image Magnifier 2Flexible Fiber Optics - "Light Carriers"
  • Construction of finished glass light guides
  • Demonstrations of flexibility of light transmission using glass fiber
  • Construction of flexible unjacketed glass light guide
  • Effect of alcohol on fiber materials

Special Effects:

  • Coil & Shape Plastic fibers with different devices such as spools, pencils, etc.
  • Studying the characteristics of fiber materials in hot water.
  • Creating minute sparkle points on your plastic fiber to enhance lighting effect.

Using these effects with your plastics guides, perform the same experiments as those conducted with your glass guides. Important fiber associated elements that come with the Trainer:

  • 2 cells penlight source (less batteries)
  • Ball magnifier
  • Image Stone
  • " sq. glass plate
  • Lens Plastic
  • Image guide
  • Light hood adapter
  • " sq. fiber optics face plate
  • 5 ft. glass light guide (0.40' bundle)
  • 1 ft. glass fiber (0.18 dia.) more than 2000 fibers
  • (20) 1 ft. Ig. assorted col. plastic fibers .020 dia.
  • 4" lg. clear heat shrink 2 rigid heat shrink 1 " long pieces
  • 10" - 12" finished glass light guide

Features of the Trainer:

Input Supply Voltage range : AC 100V - 230V.
Frequency Range : 50 - 60Hz.
Housing It is housed in an elegant metal cabinet(CNC Machine finish)
Dimension 42.5cms x 36cms x 10.5cms
Weight (Approx.) 1KG

This trainer is a glass-epoxy printed circuit board and all the symbols screen-printed on the front panel so that it enables the student to conduct the experiments easily


  • Computer simulated outputs and Step-By-Step detailed instructions are provided with the instruction manual.


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