Model: ROB 5

Programmable Robot Designer Kit

rob 5


With this POB Technology Programmable Robot Designer Kit you get three different educational challanges. This designer kit is capable of holding a pen and drawing simple geometrical shapes and lines. It can turn its radar distance sensor in all directions to detect obstacles. This small robot is equipped with a clip that can bring your mug and a bunch of other objects This Designer Kit is mainly a combination of all these forms of original creations. It is a robot servant to help humans with its activites. It features so many possibilities. Each shape meets different approaches. This robot changes its primary functions to adopt a different form which makes programming more interesting. In short, this designer kit is an excellent way to address the different mechanical, electronic and programming behaviour


  • Programmable robot designer kit for different challanges
  • Detects obstacles
  • Equipped with a clip to hold objects
  • Distance sensor range: 20 to 80cm
  • 12 tooth gear servo

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