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  • To understand the architecture, the modes of operation and the interfacing techniques of the Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) by interfacing it with 8051 microcontroller.
  • The 8255 peripheral board consists of many features. It has a 40 pin connector to receive commands from the mother board. The controller ports are accessed individually as P0, P1, P2 and P3. The 8-bit data bus of 8255 can be accessed through D0 to D7. The ports of 8255 are available as PA, PB and PC. The control pins of 8255 (A0, A1, RD, WR) are given separately.

Features of the Trainer

Power supply Voltage range : AC 100V - 230V.
Frequency Range : 50 - 60Hz.
Housing It is mounted in an elegant ABS Plastic cabinet for better viewing and portability.
Dimension 29cm x 20cm x 11cm
Weight 1.5Kgs

This trainer is a glass-epoxy printed circuit board and all the symbols screen-printed on the front panel so that it enables the student to conduct the experiments easily


  • Computer simulated outputs and Step-By-Step detailed instructions are provided with the instruction manual.
  • 40-pin FRC
  • 8-pin FRC


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