Modular Flexible Production System




This is developed on the basis of automatic Mitsubishi PLC. It uses modular structure, it is suitable for higher education institute and engineer training centers, the students who are major in mechatronics, automation, network, system and advanced manufacture can get training from this system. The equipment combine optical fiber, mechatronics, pneumatic theory, hydraulic theory etc. The system can be the trainer of automation and network class, and can be equipped with slave system to build network, and expand its use.

Technical Parameter

Input power single-phase three-wire AC220V 50Hz
Dimension 790×3600×1280mm
height of table surface 750mm
Leakage protection I n≤30mA, t≤0.1S
Working environment temperature -10℃~+40℃
relative humidity 85%(25℃)
elevation 4000

Emergency stop button, power indicator, power supply indicator, outage protection, power on fault protection


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